Client Success Story- Kaylin

Happy International Women’s Day! 

What a perfect day to share this client success story of a strong woman that had a goal in mind and worked her way up to achieve it – Kaylin. Seeing my clients succeed is the best reward I could ever get from my professional practice. I’m so glad she allowed me to share her story because I know many of you may be struggling with motivation or finding it difficult to make that first step towards wellness journey.  This might be the story that will inspire you to work towards your goals!

Let’s jump into the story of this amazing woman Kaylin!

To give you an overview, Kaylin’s motivation to work with a nutritionist was To look and feel my best on my wedding day, I wanted to adopt healthier eating habits, lose some weight and get toned. I was overwhelmed by the conflicting information online and wanted clear and concise directions from a reputable source.”  She was truly committed to achieving her health goals, which were “to feel comfortable in my own skin… and my wedding dress! I wanted to learn healthy recipes to nourish my body, as opposed to participating in fad diets or sudden weight loss.”

My Programs/Services/Challenges that helped Kaylin achieve her goals:

✔️ 7 Day Holistic Cleanse Program

✔️ 1 on 1 Nutritional Counselling, Follow Up

✔️ Meal Plan

✔️ Supplement Orders

✔️ Attended complimentary webinars with guest speakers (virtual masterclasses)

✔️ Kombucha Brewing Workshop

For many people, this journey can have ups and downs, which is perfectly normal, there are challenges to overcome in almost any path of our lives. And for Kaylin, the most important motivation was to feel confident in her body, find a sustainable diet and of course her WEDDING DATE! “Although our wedding was postponed a couple of times thanks to the pandemic, I stuck with my fitness routine and eating habits which gave me better results than I expected!”

When comes to encountering difficulties along the way, this is what she shared with me: “Surprisingly I didn’t find anything very difficult! Meal prep and planning ahead of time was time-consuming at first, especially with a busy schedule and work, but when you feel great and see results, it motivates you to stick with it.”

 “The support of Melissa’s programs is second to none, she was there for me every step of the way! Melissa is always checking in, providing expert knowledge and helpful tips. I also enjoyed the team zoom meetings during the holistic cleanse and challenges, these kept me on track and allowed me to learn even more.”

Sometimes, a health journey combined with personal life/stress, not to mention a wedding during the pandemic can be emotionally challenging. Here is Kaylin’s take on that:

“Working with Melissa made me feel great and reduced my stress leading up to the wedding. It was helpful sitting down with Melissa to lay everything out and create a plan of action. The programs gave me clarity about the goals for my health and body.”

It makes me so happy to know that I offered Kalyn the support she needed and guided her to feel fulfilled on her holistic health journey.  

“It was a very positive experience working with Melissa. She truly cares about her clients and wants to help them succeed. I felt supported by her every step of the way and our follow-up calls kept me on track. Melissa’s biggest strength is her expertise and knowledge about nutrition and fitness. She also has a team mentality and isn’t afraid to tackle any challenges with you. “

After the 7-Day Holistic Cleanse, “I felt lighter, recharged and felt a major detox! I continued the program for two extra days afterward. It was nice to give my body a reset and reboot.”

“I felt amazing on my wedding day! I was confident and looked beautiful in my wedding dress! My self-confidence increased immensely, and I was so comfortable in my own skin.”

If you are stuck on your health journey, remember that you don’t have to do this alone! Kaylin made her choice, admitted that she needs help from a nutritionist to reach her goals. 

“Yes, working with Melissa to achieve my goals was well worth it! My body felt lighter and healthier after following the protocols that Melissa set up for me. “

Food is a fuel for our body and a healthy relationship with it is a key to feeling good.

“My relationship with food has improved since working with Melissa. I eat healthier foods and swap a lot of staple items with better versions. I also pay more attention to portion control, especially when it comes to dessert!

This journey has allowed me to be the healthiest I’ve been and now that I am expecting a baby in a couple of months, I am feeling empowered and ready to take it on. “

Kaylin’s key takeaways that she’s learned during our journey:

✔️ Healthier food swaps/alternatives

✔️ Healthier swaps for alcoholic beverages (ex. Homemade Kombucha from her class)

✔️ I still make many of her recipes

✔️ 20-minute walk after each meal

✔️ A large glass of water with lemon each morning when I wake up

✔️ Taking my vitamins daily

✔️ Eliminating alcohol which helped my skin & rosacea on my cheeks

My programs and meal plans include MANY healthy but still delicious recipes, those are Kaylin’s favourites:

🥦 Creamy Spinach Broccoli Soup

🥗 Broccoli and Quinoa Salad

🍪 Protein Balls

🍞 High Fibre Seed Loaf

🥚 Kale and Mushroom Egg Muffins

🥣 Chia Pudding with Spirulina

🌰 Healthy Granola with Nuts

🍫 Dark Chocolate Turtles

🍫 Protein Chocolate Bites

🥤 Chocolate Cauliflower Smoothie

And here comes a really important question that I love to ask my clients because I believe that collaboration and women supporting other women are the key to being successful! It is always a good idea to have support from someone, who will help you stick to your chosen path and stay focused on the journey, especially while working towards your life goals. – And I’m here to offer this support to any of you who wants to try and live a better life! Support from other women who are as committed to their health and wellness journey creates both accountability and encouragement. Here is your motivation from Kaylin:

“I would tell them to go for it! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Melissa provides a ton of one-on-one support, and her group meetings during her challenges and cleanse programs really help to conquer any fears or hesitations you may have.”

Way to go Kaylin! I’m so proud of her and the dedication and work she put into achieving her health goals.

Isn’t it an amazing story?!

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