Spirulina is a blue-green algae that’s been growing on earth for over 3.5 billion years! It is one of the highest plant-based proteins/ serving in the world, with a very high concentration of bio-available iron, and protein (contains all essential amino acids). It is my #1 recommendation for my vegan clients, but it can be a finicky flavour to work with. SO, I started experimenting with it over the last few months and perfected this recipe!
Why is it so good for you? Other than its high protein & iron content, it also helps reduce symptoms of seasonal & environmental allergies. The high naturally occurring chlorophyll content supports with natural detoxification.
You can eat this for breakfast, dessert, pre or post-workout snack.

toppings: raspberries, bee pollen, yogurt, sunflower seed butter, granola


TIME: 5 MINUTES, SERVINGS: 3 -4 mason jars
·       1 cup of chia seeds
·       3-4 tsp spirulina powder
·       1 tsp cinnamon
·       1 tsp vanilla extract
·       2 cups coconut milk (CHA’S Organics Canned tastes best!)
·       0.5- 1 cup of water

🥣Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Grab 4 mason jars and fill each one with the mixture, close and place in the fridge for 24 hrs. Stores up to 1 week. ENJOY 🙂

🍯 bee pollen, cacao nibs, nut/seed butter, granola, hemp seeds, maple syrup, honey, fruit, yogurt, etc.
✅Using only but the best @organikahealth – ORGANIC SPIRULINA POWDER – as a Brand Ambassador for them, you can easily place your order with me 🙂
⬇️Let me know your batch turns out and how you like the taste in the comments below⬇️


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