Melissa's Health Journey

The Younger Years

During my entire youth I suffered with severe food allergies, intolerances which led to some chronic conditions.  Also being an overweight child and adolescent, I was not feeling my best and quite unhappy. I had very low energy levels, trouble focusing, and my brain capacity was limited. I decided I needed to make a drastic change in my life in order to alleviate my chronic conditions, this is when I embarked on my wellness journey.

I joined a gym at 16 years old (thanks to my mama who inspired me to do this!) and have been physically active since then. I lost 35 pounds in the first 2 years by not only by exercise but also following a healthy diet. Through this weight loss journey, I was still struggling with stomach problems and overwhelmed about what to eat. I was severely lactose intolerant and highly sensitive to gluten and eggs. 

Through blood work, countless elimination diets, and consulting with a variety of doctors including medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and holistic nutritionists I was able to dive deeper into the symptoms I was having and take action. My symptoms greatly improved, and having a better handle on my health,  decreased my overall anxiety around it.

MellyFit Nutrition womon ni a blue sweater and navy blue jogging pants doing a left leg stretch


After graduating with my Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in Toronto, I worked for the Ontario Government for just under a year. I quickly learned that it just wasn’t for me. I knew I always wanted to own my own business, so I left the job I have and I took a BIG leap of faith! I invested in a business opportunity at the age of 25, specifically in the Private Career College Sector, within the Health & Wellness Sector. 

At the same time I successfully completed a designation in Skin Care and Esthetics field in order to know the ins and out of my business. I owned and operated this business for 7 years. During this time, although I enjoyed entrepreneurship and leading the company on a path to success. But we all know that with any business, there are many highs, many lows, the good and the bad. Between the long hours, huge responsibility to the public, partnership, franchise relationship and financial burdens , I realized that as the company kept growing, so did my STRESS levels! 

I was doing all the right things, eating well, working out, sleeping and the list goes on… at the same time I was trying to maintain a happy and fulfilling NEW marriage, my health, stay connected with friends and family. 

Keep happy  the 400 graduates we had per year and 20 employees. During this time I learned that it is not only about the body, but also about the mind and soul. And in fact, they are so interconnected! This led me to explore and work on self-love, mindfulness, meditation and much more. Through this I realized that it was time to sell the business and move on in a different direction. So in 2017, after a long and grueling sale process, it was sold! 

The Reset Year

In 2018, I needed a reset. I needed to recoup after those 7 years, my adrenals were depleted and I was spent! After saving up for many years, me and my husband decided this was the time to embark on an incredible year-long journey around the world!   While on the road, I continued with my fitness routine, stuck to healthy eating habits, routines and worked on my spirituality. I became so inspired by other cultures, cuisines and their ways of life that I began journaling it all! This is when I started by blog and website, naming it MELLY FIT and I have been writing since then.  

This is where my inspiration came from and I knew that when I got back I wanted to explore the world of Holistic Nutrition & Fitness (although I had it ALWAYS in the back of my mind) . I signed up at Institute of Holistic Nutrition (while I was still traveling the world!) and began my journey… and here I am today! I love every minute of what I do. I love helping others on their wellness journey. I love empowering individuals to take health into their own hands. I love helping people become the best version of themselves. And the list goes on.

Thank you for being here and I hope I can help you find your unique path to health!

Lots of Love,