Hiking the Swiss Alps

During our two weeks in Switzerland we were able to complete a total of three hikes. All were different and incredible in their own way and I love the fact that not one hike is like the other. There are differences in the scenery, climate, difficulty and duration. I found hikes generally easy to follow …

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Fitness & Travelling

Keeping up with a fitness routine while traveling can be tough. During our travels we have encountered the following challenges along the way: No gym nearby to use WAY too hot outside to work out or run No sidewalks to run or even walk! (rolled my ankle running into a pothole) No nearby parks Surrounding …

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A Month Down Under

Wow, I can’t believe that 1 month in Australia has already come and gone! What an incredible country. We barely scratched the surface – the land is so massive! There were so many things thay I loved about it. For starters, the people are so friendly, we met so many lovely people that we can …

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