What's Included In Your 7-Day Holistic Cleanse?

1 Introductory Meeting, 2 Check In Meetings, 1 Wrap Up Meeting

7-Day Cleanse Meal plan with recipes and grocery lists

Personalized Supplement Plan (optional)

Easy to Follow Schedule

Program Guide

WhatsApp Group Chat

Access to Private Facebook Group

Bonus Class *depending on avails

7-day Holistic Cleanse Detox Program Highlights


It is true what they say: You are what you eat! Set yourself up for success by learning the fundamentals of eating simple, whole foods without any artificial ingredients. Being more mindful of the things we are putting into our bodies. Focusing on a balanced diet with the right macronutrients and so much more.


We all have a buildup of toxins, both from external and internal sources. Sometimes, our bodies need a break!

This 7-day holistic cleanse detox program will help with the elimination of impurities, and allow you to reset and regain balance.


Stress alters our overall food intake in two ways, resulting in under- or overeating. Many people experience emotional eating, which is a pattern of using food to help them deal with stressful situations. Due to stress, we tend to compromise on the quality of our food, reaching for something quick, effortless - usually unhealthy. It is important, now more than ever, to use nutrition and foods to nourish us.


Join a group of like-minded people to keep you accountable. Meeting new faces (even virtually) is a great way to share your experience, health goals, inspire others and make it fun! Invite your friend to do this together or create new connections with others who are as committed to their holistic wellness journey as you. We will have your back and make sure that you succeed!

About Melissa Cosentino

Melissa Cosentino is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner that received her Diploma from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She is the founder of MellyFit Nutrition where her mission is helping individuals to carve out their unique and individual path to a FIT body, mind and soul. Through her Toronto-based Clinical Practice she offers Nutritional Counselling and works with clients one-on-one and in group settings, helping them along their wellness journey to achieve their health goals.

Holistic Nutritionist Melissa Cosentino

Happy Cleanse & Detox Program Clients

I did the MellyfFt Nutrition 7 day Cleanse in February. It was a great experience that we shared with a few other women. Guided and coached by Melissa we learn a lot about using good nutrients, new fantastically simple recipes. We even have some meditation and gym classes included. We even had a list of all the shopping required . I did it with my husband enjoying the meals too. We both feel much better and light after the cleanse but at no time we felt deprived during the process. Now, we continue using the juicing and the recipes just because they are so good!
I did a 7 day cleanse plan with Melissa. The plan included delicious whole foods. We were never hungry or starving. Very easy to follow. Melissa was very responsive and available for us at all times. She had a great week planned with delicious food and activities which included mind body and soul. I am looking forward to working with Melissa to achieve my goals. Thank you Melissa ❤
I did 7-Day Holistic Cleanse with Melissa and I truly loved the experience. She is so supportive, honest and she cares of each and everyone of her clients as well as she knows how to motivate you to do the good work + keeps the spirit going. Besides Melissa being the most amazing nutritionist, her program actually is a real cleanse for your body. I've learnt many amazing recipes and gained so much knowledge about food and mindful eating. I truly felt a difference in my health during this program and will continue that wellness journey. I'm thankful that she showed be the way to feel better in my own body. If you are looking to rebalance and reset your body to get back on the right track - this is definitely the right program for you. Lastly, this isn't just some boring juice cleanse that you will just wait to be over. It is actually fun with quite a few surprises along the way and you get to share your experience with other inspiring women as well. Thank you Melissa for all your help.
MellyFit's 7-day Holistic Detox was EXACTLY what I needed! I feel so good after this week; energized, clear, less bloated and ready to take on the world 💪🏻 After completing this program, I feel more empowered and well-equipped to make better food choices. I must admit, before starting this program I was scared I was going to be eating things I didn’t like all week just waiting for it to be over but I’ve actually loved all the recipes. I liked them so much that I’m excited to make them again this week. I’m happy to be reminded that eating healthy can not only make you feel good but it can taste good too 🙌🏻 A huge thank you to Melly for all the time and energy she put into this program. She was a fountain of knowledge and the support and guidance was unreal🙏🏻 It was also so lovely to complete this challenge with a group of likeminded people who supported and encouraged each other along the way ❤️ If you’ve been interested in doing a cleanse or getting back on track with eating healthy, check her out, you won’t regret it!!
I had a great experience doing the detox program with MellyFit, good way to know about the different products to incorporate in your diet for a healthy life, I definitely recommend it!!
Melissa was great and helped me with my nutrition goals during the 7 day detox! Would highly recommend it for a reset for your body and mind. Have learned many great recipes and healthier food alternatives from Melissa! Thanks again for all of your help!
I signed up for MellyFit Nutrition's Cleanse program because I felt it was time for a lifestyle adjustment. It was absolutely amazing! Melissa was excellent with her communication, following up and advising on recommended meal plans and tips. I learned so much and was able to start implementing better food habits into my daily routine. Her genuine interest in helping people make a change is very apparent. I highly recommend anyone sign up to her programs and systems. She sets herself apart in the industry of health and nutrition. Thank you Melissa and I look forward to learning more! 🙂
MellyFit's Detox marked the beginning of a journey that opened my mind to new ways of seeing my health and fitness goals, as well as new exciting recipes that my whole family enjoyed. Melly is knowledgeable, kind and always interested. To me, that is really important because I know I have a partner in the area of wellbeing, which is central in our family. If you are looking to integrate a holistic, mindful and sustainable approach to your health, working with Melly is the way to go.