7 Healthy Snack Ideas

SNACKS, TREATS, DELIGHTS. Anybody who knows me, knows I love having healthy snacks on hand -AT ALL TIMES! I leave some in my purse, car & bring with me when I am in commute, away for the weekend or travelling. It helps having them on hand so that when I get hungry I don’t pick the quickest unhealthy option. I typically look for snacks that are are nourishing in some way, and not just empty calories. Trying to avoid those products with chemicals/ additives when possible- you can find me standing in the grocery aisles reading ALL the ingredients…😆

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the snacks I like having on hand:

🥜Trail Mix–a  mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Full of healthy fat, fiber, protein and packed with nutrients @yupikpage

🍪Energy Balls – simple ingredients, energizing, & curbs cravings. I like @nomz or if you have time, TRY my Hemp Protein Ball recipe HERE

💪Protein Bars – packed with protein and if you are limited for lunch this can be a great option. I like it paired with a matcha coconut latte (RECIPE HERE) and some fruit. @genuinehealth

🥥Coconut Chips- contain MCTs for energy, no refined sugar, source of manganese – factor in energy metabolism @Rawcology OR @yupikpage

🍬Protein Gummies (or Ginger Chews)for those who like candy and want a healthier option–these are made with plan based protein, non-GMO & low sugar @Herbalandgummies OR the_ginger_people

🍌Fruit – any type, but I usually haveapples, bananas or berries on hand as easiest to eat when in transit @thesweetpotatotoronto for good quality organic options!

🍫Dark Chocolate – contains iron, high in antioxidants- great for anti-aging 😉obsessed with RASP/CHOCOLATE from @eschocolate

Not on the list but also a great options to have handy- brown rice cakes, nori seaweed, seed crackers, greens powder, protein powder, cut up veggies with hummus, etc.

⬇️What is your favorite on-the-go snack?⬇️

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