COVID19 Reflection

It’s hard to believe that we have been living through COVID-19 for 5 months! There have been ups & downs, uncertainty, reflections, new normals. 

Starting my Nutritional Consulting Practice at the start of a pandemic has been far from easy. I have had to switch gears, adapt and think on my toes. I promised myself to push through this, stay positive, show up for you all & MYSELF. This platform was created to share my knowledge & passion for nutrition, fitness and sharing how I stay fit mentally and physically.

I wanted to share the TOP things I am grateful for that have gotten me through these uncertain times:

🚶‍♀️DAILY WALKS -exploring the neighbour hood, visiting the waterfront, going to the park, and just breathing in fresh air!

🙏MEDITATION so many free apps and challenges. I’m especially grateful for @jayshetty 21 days of meditation. So powerful , really shifted my mindset esp at the beginning of this pandemic. 

🍓🥬DELIVERY SERVICES – being able to get quality produce, meats, fish, and more delivered right to our door is something we are so lucky to have. Many companies offering free deliveries during these times! Shout out to @nikufarms @seafoodcrate @freshcityfarms

💪EXERCISE-yoga, HIIT, band workouts, strengthening, core…you name it! Everyone in the fitness industry stepped up, kept us healthy and fit. @rachel_Fitness @yogawithaadriana @madfit.ig @intensefitness.ca @f45humberbay

💻ZOOM – as awkward as it can be sometimes it was helpful for bday celebrations, parties, meetings & coffee dates with friends/family.

🎶MUSIC-I had a playlist for every single mood I felt through COVID… from head banging rock, chill out bob marley, tribal, hip hop & reggaeton to get me dancing!

💌MY CLIENTS and all those who have supported my business through these times

👩‍🏫INFLUENCERS I am so thankful for all the platforms that have inspired me, & the amazing content out there.  Let’s continue to support one another. @thecanadianafrican @minimalistbaker@wiseandwonder @socialwellnessco @joyoushealth@holistic.hail@liviawellness

❤MY HUBBY @marioacos

What are some things you are grateful for that helped you through these challenging times?

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