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Last week I had the pleasure to co-host a LIVE Webinar Performance Living with Ryan Caicco, a former professional athlete turned fitness leader, with over 20+ years of experience! He is the founder of STRIVE LIFE Athletics where they educate and train fitness professionals.

I am so thankful for the wonderful turnout and wanted to share the highlights for those that missed it on the topics I discussed on Nutrition and Performance Living:

With many of us being at home, it is important to continue to stick to healthy habits around regular exercise and healthy eating. Don’t put your health and fitness goals on the sidelines! Here are some key areas to better support you so that you can continue to meet your goals towards optimal health.


  • Optimal ratio of macronutrients is dependent on many factors- Age, body type, goals, health conditions, etc.
  • CARBOHYDRATES 40-50 %   
    • Complex Carbs– GOOD!
      • whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables
    • Simple & Processed Carbs -STAY AWAY/minimal
      • Juice, pop, candy, chips, white flour/sugar, etc.
  • PROTEIN 25-35%  animal or vegetable
  • FATS 30%-40%  
    • 30% – Saturated (grass-fed yogurt, coconut oil, grass-fed meats, eggs, etc)
    • 50% – Unsaturated (polyunsaturated –eggs, nuts/seeds, fish, monounsaturated -olive oil, avocado )
  • Good benchmark and tool http://www.tdeecalculator.net and use My fitness pal app to know how much you are consuming


  1. Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea with Trail Mix  Nuts + Seeds
  2. Greens Drink (add spirulina, coconut water)
  3. Rice cake + banana slices + seed butter
  4. Oatmeall or Protein Oat Ball
  5. Greek Yogurt + Berries + Bee Pollen


  1. Protein Smoothie
  2. Salmon with Sweet potato, avocado, and seaweed
  3. Hummus/black bean dip –celery & carrots
  4. Chia Pudding with full-fat coconut milk
  5. Hard-Boiled Egg with Sea Salt


  • 2- 3 L minimum PLUS
    • BEFORE WORKOUT – 1.5 hours prior- drink 1/2 litre of water, sipping just before or throughout
    • AFTER WORKOUT – immediately drink 2 cups of water  
      • Then 1 cup of water every hour minimum


  1. Multivitamin – BRAND: Genestra (MultiVite), Pure Encapsulations (PureGenomics)
  2. L-Glutamine  Brand: Genestra Brands – Amino L-Glutamine
  3. FISH OIL Omega 3 FA– BRAND: Nutra Sea  
  4. Magnesium 500 mg– Citrate or Glycinate BRAND: Organika, Genestra (MagCal)
  5. Collagen Powder – BRAND: Organika
  6. Coenzyme Q10  200 mg– BRAND: Pure Encapsulations

Stay tuned for my upcoming events !

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