6 Ways To Stay Active- At Home

This pandemic has forced us all to get creative when it comes to staying fit during quarantine. With gyms and fitness classes either drastically reducing numbers or being completely closed, it’s getting more and more difficult to find a way to stay active. Plus, as the temperature begins to fall, there is less motivation to venture out into the cold to get those steps in.

☝🏼However, staying active is even more important now than ever! Even just 15- 20 minutes of movement can be beneficial for detoxifying the body, improving digestion, releasing endorphins (feel good hormones!), and improving our immunity!
Below are a few fitness hacks I’ve been using to stay fit and keep moving during quarantine:

➡️BUY BASIC EQUIPMENT – bands, medicine ball, bosu ball, weights, kettle bell, yoga matt, skipping rope, etc. It is totally worth it! Call gyms in your area that may be renting out equipment or selling. or Facebook Marketplace or Amazon has options.

➡️FITNESS APPS– access from your computer, phone or tablet. Find yoga, HIIT,  strength training & more ! Check outFit Bit Coach, NikeTrainingBarre3torontoAaptiv, Sweat

➡️YOUTUBE – free content to keep workouts new, fresh, and challenging. Find low impact HIIT, Yoga, kettle bell, booty, abs, strength training etc! check out: Pop Sugar FitnessLiveStrong ,MadFit, and Yoga with Kassandra

➡️VIRTUAL TRAINERS– multiple live daily workouts you can stream through zoom , such as @f45humberbay@10xto , @sweatandtonic, some come along with pre-recorded videos so you’ll have access to workouts when it works for you!

➡️PRIVATE GYMS -Some boutique gyms are allowing private access /space booked in advance such as Silofit , F45humberbayVive Fitness

➡️OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES– even though the temperature is starting to drop, there are still plenty of outdoor activities while re-connecting with nature. Some of my favorites are long walks, hiking, ice skating or skiing/boarding. Check out AllTrails to stay up to date /info.

What are your go-to /favorite ways to stay active during these times❓❓

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