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Keeping up with a fitness routine while traveling can be tough. During our travels we have encountered the following challenges along the way:

  • No gym nearby to use
  • WAY too hot outside to work out or run
  • No sidewalks to run or even walk! (rolled my ankle running into a pothole)
  • No nearby parks
  • Surrounding area is unsafe
  • Limited space in your Airbnb or hotel to do an indoor workout
  • Too tired after exploring all day
  • tempting to hit the beach, meet up with people, have that next drink, etc etc.

So what do I do? How can I tweak what I know well and have been doing for 15 years to work on the road?!  Travelling for a year and not keeping fit was not a solution, but as you know I always love a challenge.  There is hope and I want to share it with you! I would be lying if I said it was always easy, it is very challenging some days.   But you know that 30 min – 60 min in a 24 hour day is so very worth it. Nothing beats the feeling I get after an amazing sweat session followed by a dip in the ocean, a cold shower (that flushes out the toxins after a workout) and a lovely dinner out (or in)!  I have also found that I gain strength and energy to get through those scorching hot days while sightseeing, if I am up for doing extreme excursions like trekking through a mountain, carrying a heavy backpack or going out for some dancing and drinks late at night. Or on the contrary it has also helped me chill and relax- like being in many unknown situations while travelling (not to panic) and to spend many hours stationed with a book or nothing but a pen and my journal.

Tips and Tricks – Travel Fitness Routines

  • Run/Jog Outside (or just do long fast paced walks if running is not your thing) – this is the best way for Mario and I while travelling as it is two-fold. We get to explore a new area by foot and get a good workout. Even better way to make it fun is we scope out the best photo opp spots on the run and then once finished we go back to take them!
  • workoutoutsiderun

6 km Jog along the Sydney Harbourfront – beautiful view ! *sigh*


  • Outdoor parks – there is usually a park near our accommodations. Open space is great for workouts. You can use the benches for step ups, grassy area for aerobics, and any fitness that no machinery is needed. Side note: in very hot countries do not do this later than 8 am or after/during sunset  so you don’t get heat stroke!


Melbourne Park – we did planks, aerobics and pushups


Chair Squats by the pool! Grab anyone nearby if you’re travelling alone 😉

  • Download P90 X onto your cell phone and/or laptop. Find an open space (outside, inside, anywhere! ) and clear the space. Use a towel for hard floors, incorporate chairs and you can use heavy books or plastic bottles with sand for the weights .


  • Hotels with a gym and spa– If you are already booking a spa service such as haircut, mani/pedi, waxing, massage, etc, you can book it at a hotel/resort with a gym. Ask if you can use the gym if you book a spa service with them, most allow this. Or do not notice if you walk into the gym after your spa service *winkwink*. After all who would want to sneak into a gym? Lol


  • Laps in the pool –I never do laps in a pool, but I now have started to if it is available to me and I do not have another option. Go early morning or later in the evening if it is a busy hotel as you will be swimming into people!


  • Free classes (or sign up for cheap classes!)-if you are at a hotel sometimes they offer free classes such as yoga, surfing, aqua aerobics, volleyball, etc. I try to do at least one of the options! Or you can sign up at local places that are super cheap ($5 for yoga for example) 


YOGA CLASS at Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali (affordable)

Overall, you must remember to be flexible, open minded, committed and focused – it is always worth it and we both know that! Be patient as it took me some time to adjust to this change. I used to feel and still do often times that if I am not sweating it is not good enough. If it is not a minimum of five days a week it is not good enough. But I am learning that even if I am able to keep up with it 3 days a week this is good enough and so should you!

Side Note: MAKE SURE YOU ARE STRETCHING, I try to do mine after a workout or before bed.  If you are walking a lot and workout out, you will need to do this as it will catch up to you. Stretching also helps with digestion which is good for travelling. You can also get massages once in a while if it meets the budget and tell them which areas to focus on.

Remember nobody is perfect, so there are times your body needs a break to regenerate, or you prefer to have that extra cuddle session in bed with your loved one, or you end up having that extra margarita (or two)- so just do it! We still need balance so make sure you try to enjoy it along the way 😊

Until next time,


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  1. excellent insight! Traveling always throws me off my workout routine especially when it’s unsafe to run or a gym isn’t easily accessible xo

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