6 Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation

Although it may not be the sexiest topic to discuss, constipation is a major problem for a ton of my clients and unfortunately, the majority of them come to me saying “they’ve tried everything” to no avail. I know firsthand, after suffering from chronic constipation for years, how detrimental constipation can be on your life – your social life, your work life, your personal life. Feeling backed up not only leaves you feeling extremely uncomfortable in your own body, but in the long term, can also lead to several health problems. If our bodies are not properly excreting toxins and waste (from natural processes going in our bodies as well as from foods and chemicals we ingest on a consistent basis), they are recycled, build up, and lead to an excess amount of toxins in the body. As you can imagine, when there is a surplus of toxins and waste in the body, we will most likely experience other symptoms as a result.

Many of my clients have come to me saying they’ve tried all the ‘over the counter’ medications available but have not experienced any relief – at least no consistent relief. After not only suffering with constipation for years, but also guiding my clients in finding natural relief, I have compiled a list of natural remedies to implement in your daily routines: 

1. Increase Fiber: try to include a mix of soluble & insoluble fibers. Non-fermentable fibers are also best and easiest on your digestion. Some foods to start to introduce into your diet are: ground flax, chia seeds, brazil nuts, kiwis, and berries. Try my amazing Spirulina Chia Pudding recipe for a delicious way to incorporate more fiber!  

2. Increase Hydration: Increase your water intake to 2 -3L of water per day. If possible, opt for filtered water to limit the number and amount of other toxins you are introducing to your body.

3. Balance Magnesium, Potassium, & Sodium: An easy way to balance these minerals is by including a green juice or smoothie in your morning routine (on an EMPTY stomach). Add green leafy vegetables (Spinach or Kale), avocado, pumpkin, almonds, raw cacao, and banana. If your sodium intake is already quite high, begin by reducing your overall intake and add sea salt in moderation.

4. Include Herbs & Bitters: Certain herbs and bitters promote digestive juices such as stomach acid, bile, and enzymes to breakdown food and assist in the absorption of nutrients. Try incorporating the following into your diet in the form of tea or garnish: triphala, dandelion, ginger, marshmallow root, and licorice. For more information on the benefits of bitters, check out my recent instagram post here.

5. Stomach Massage + Castor Oil Packs: When you are massaging your stomach, move in a clockwise direction and apply heat. This will stimulate digestion and bowel movement. 

6. Probiotics: Probiotics enhance the gut microbiome which, in turn, helps regulate inflammation, immune function, digestion, and heart health. To learn more about the benefits and different strains of probiotics, check out my previous post here.

Other natural remedies to try include colonics, diaphraghmatic breathing, baths with magnesium flakes, and yoga. Like I’ve said, I understand how dreadful it is to suffer from constipation – in fact it’s one of the things that propelled me into this career of being a Holistic Nutritionist. 

You don’t need to suffer and navigate this alone! Lets work together in finding your root cause, book your FREE Discovery Call today!

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