Cooler days, less 🌞shine, cancelled trips, homebound and things are STILL closed…We can all use a little self-care during the next month!

2020 has had lots of ups and downs to say the least and we have been through a lot. For starting fresh in 2021,  start crating your own at- home R&R by incorporating some of these routines over the cold winter months :

👳‍♀️PAMPER your skin – I don’t know about you but giving my skin attention makes me feel so good and fresh! Bring out the dry brush, put on that scary looking mask (maybe even do a little dance). Exfoliate, later on, the oils and moisturizers!  

🛀SOAK IN THE BATH – dim the lights, put on some chill tunes and jump in the bath. For extra snaz load it up with Epsom salts, essential oils and bubbles   

💨DIFFUSE with essential oils – I like this one in my bedroom, super calming and helps me fall asleep. Try lavender, chamomile and bergamont.

🧘‍♀️ MEDITATION/YOGA -set up a ZEN nook in your place (or one you can easily transform). Get a Himalayan salt lamp, pillow, matt, and incense!

🥣 COOK A NUTRIENT DENSE MEAL –like a big pot of soup! I love this one, always makes me feel warm and cozy inside. Also great as leftovers for the week.

🥂 NIGHT IN – (with a friend or partner) whether it’s a virtual date or at home, set the mood by lighting candles, order in a snazzy meal with vino, dress up…dust off those nice shoes?!

If you want to support a local , eco-friendly , CLEAN & affordable company you need to check out  Pretty Clean Shop. I get many of my SELF-CARE essentials here.

✔ rosehip face oil
✔dry/wet face brush
✔bath detox salts
✔eucalyptus essential oil
✔soy wax candle

Everything is also refillable ! ♻️

Until Next Time,

MellyFit xo

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