Cozy Adaptogen Latte

These have been stressful times for us all. Stress can cause our body systems to overwork or under-function, increasing the risk of disease. Everyone is affected in different ways, some get migraines, body aches, digestive distress, etc. All impacting our day to day lives!  Adaptogens are a wonderful and natural way to manage and balance our stress levels. They consist of plants, herbs, and mushrooms that help counteract the harmful effects of stress thanks to their unique ability to adapt their function according to your body’s specific needs. Essentially, they act as a powerful aid in bringing the body back into homeostasis.
Some of the benefits of including them in your daily routine include MANAGING STRESS better (my #1 for using them), increased immunity, reducing inflammation and much more!
1️⃣Holy Basil: Powerful detox agent packed with antioxidants that is known for lowering stress, exhaustion, and anxiety
2️⃣Ashwagandha: helps fight symptoms of depression and anxiety while boosting brain function, lowering blood sugar, and helps manage cortisol levels
3️⃣Maca: shown to increase energy, stamina, and sex drive while reducing anxiety and symptoms of depression
4️⃣Chaga: superfood with a high antioxidant potency known to reduce anxiety, improve digestion & boosts immunity
5️⃣Licorice: increases energy, endurance, and immunity while assisting in regulating hormone levels associated with stress. Bonus helps with digestion.
For an easy & delicious way to include them in your diet, try out this COZY & WARM Adaptogen Latte recipe :



    • 1 cup of boiled water
    • ½ tsp of adaptogen (I use CALM-chaga mushroom from Organika)
    • 1 tbsp Dandyblend
    • 2 tsp of Maple syrup or honey
    • ½ cup of warm oat or any nut milk
    • dash of Cinnamon
    • optional: 1 tbsp MCT creamer, coconut oil or collagen
    INSTRUCTIONS: add all ingredients to a small pot and whisk together. OR place in a blender & pulse!


Until Next Time,
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