Supplements for Travel

Whether I am travelling to the cottage up North for a weekend or doing a longer trip, I always pack these top 5 supplements. For this trip out West, I made sure to bring on my RV trip the following:🏞 🛣

1️⃣ VITAMIN C -boost immunity, the last thing you want is getting sick on vacay  (Genestra Brands)

2️⃣ GINGER ROOT -a great way to soothe the  digestive tract. They are also great to have for nausea on long travel days or motion sickness. Now Foods

3️⃣MAGNESIUM- I love to be out exploring all day, and I don’t want to run into muscle cramps or fatigue. One before bed avoids this and also helps with bowel movement in the AM (CanPrev)

4️⃣ APPLE CIDER TABLETS – I always have my daily apple cider vinegar, traveling or not.   CiderVin capsules make it super easy to stay on track without your home kitchen.

5️⃣OMEGA 3 FISH OIL TABLETS-lowers inflammation (especially if you are active on your trip) and maintains overall good health. @nutrasea_nutravege

OTHER: digestive enzymes, daily multivitamin, arnica, probiotics, Vitamin D

Don’t forget you can purchase any supplements from my online store at mellyfit.com 📥

What’s one essential supplement you bring on every trip? ☝️


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