Whole Life Expo 2019

I really enjoyed  volunteering at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition Booth for the  Whole Life Expo 2019! Representing my school and talking to people about holistic nutrition and our scope of practice. Was also able to check out some amazing speakers this year including Paul Demeda who spoke about ‘Role of Food and Nutrients in Mental Health’ and one of my faves Julie Daniluk on ‘Anti-Inflammatory Gut Healing Strategies’. I was able to chat with them after their presentations and pick their brains! Both are registered holistic nutritionists that are not only filled with BOAT LOADS of information and fantastic at presenting it to the general public, but also have successful careers helping thousands of people with their health.


Thankfully I had some leftover time at the end of the show to explore and speak to many of the hard working/local vendors offering their unique services/products in health and nutrition. Some of my top faves were:

  • Green Press – try the PINEAPPLE CHIA (YUM!)
  • CHA’S ORGANICS – LOVE their spices and coconut milks
  • Liva Foods – date sugar – say WHAT?! Omg this was so delicious topped onto coconut yogurt and its organic, non-gmo
  • Organo Gold – reishi mushroom infused coffee, tasted delicious and the energy I had after was 100%
  • Aadya – Organic skin products, loved their hair oil that used coconut oil as the base
  • Friendly Crystals – picked up a beautiful Rhodonite Crystal bracelet
  • YoFiit – Chickpea & Flaxseed milk – carrageenan free and full of fibre!

Until Next Time,

MellyFit xoxo

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