My Top 6 Healthy (& Tasty) Takeout Options

One of the positives of COVID-19 has been spending more time in the kitchen and learning to cook more healthy meals at home.  BUT with that being said, I definitely love taking a break from the kitchen a couple times a week and support local businesses who really need the support- now more than ever!

If you struggle with food sensitivities/intolerances or any digestive issues, it can be quite stressful finding a place that will accommodate to your needs. Rest assured, there are plenty of delicious takeout options that align with your health goals. I will let you in on some of my favorite tricks & cuisines that’ll satisfy that hankering for takeout without knocking you off track.

Check out some of my favourite cuisines and tips on ordering options below: 

  1. THAI  so yummy, vibrant, FRESH, warming and packs flavour!  You can always order any dish with extra veggies and a lean protein which will balance out the fats, sneak in some more nutrients, and help you feel satiated.

My top orders are:

  1. Summer rolls
  2. Chicken satays
  3. Som Yam (papaya salad)
  4. Tom Yum Soup (no dumplings for gf)
  5. Green Curry  
  6. Pad Thai (I ask for no egg & light on the sauce on rice noodles)  

2) INDIAN: There are so many nourishing Indian dishes full of gut-healing spices, herbs, and vegetables to choose from. Being mindful of creams and loads of butter, I ask for coconut milk instead.

Top orders:

  1. Lentil Dal – choose a Dal in a tomato based or coconut sauce instead of a cream for df option
  2. Tandoori proteins
  3. Curry – any type! (ensure coconut-based vs butter)
  4. Chana Masala – a chickpea dish packed with folate, iron, and fiber.
  5. Pakoras – uses chickpea flour (gf option instead of naan)
  6. Papads- use lentil flour (gf option instead of naan)
  7. Saag Chicken (ask for coconut milk instead of cream)

3) SUSHI : I love getting sushi as it is FUN to mix and match different types of sashimi and rolls. As a gf option over soy sauce, you can try Coconut Sauce or Tamari (natural option without wheat added). Try avoiding the fried options like tempura or rolls that have fried filling or creamy toppings. Keeping it simple allows you to actually taste the amazing natural flavours of the rolls!

  1. Edamame
  2. Wakame Salad – seaweed salad (ask for tamari instead of soy)
  3. Ika yaki – grilled squid (sauce on side)
  4. Sashimi – carb free option (no rice)
  5. Salmon Avocado Roll- full of omega 3
  6. Sweet Potato or any veggie rolls

4) PIZZA:  This is not a trick – I repeat, you can choose pizza and still stay on track towards your health goals! Here are some tips on what to opt for for a healthier & more wholesome option:

  1. look for another crust option like spelt, whole grain, gluten free, or cauliflower crust- this will make sure you’re not getting full on empty, refined carbs that’ll cause your blood sugar to spike.
  2. ‘light on the cheese’ or skip the cheese (ask for light goat cheese) trust me you won’t even notice if there’s a little less cheese but will be just as satisfied.
  3. Load your pizza up with protein and veggies – you’ll be surprised how satiated and full you are after just a couple slices.
  4. Order a side salad or make a salad at home to get in some more veggies and greens on the side

5) JAMAICAN: tons of flavour and honestly the best-spiced chicken out there! Being mindful of the amount of rice in the serving, perhaps ask without rice and get backed plantain instead! Also avoiding the fried options.

My top orders:

  1. Jerk chicken
  2. Curry – coconut cream for df option
  3. Baked plantain
  4. Coleslaw
  5. Rice & Peas ( EXTRA PEAS)

6) MEXICAN: one of my top cuisines, I prefer to make at home vs takeout. But sometimes it’s nice to order out. Most all items are gluten-free, if they are not a fried options and use authentic corn tortillas. Can be part of a healthy diet as long as you are mindful of the number of tortillas/chips you have, and remove the added creams and cheeses.

My top orders:

  1. Guacamole!
  2. Street Corn
  3. Fish tacos
  4. Pollo Pibil (chicken)
  5. Steak Tacos or Fajitas


As a BONUS and to support some delicious local Toronto West Restaurants, here are some of my fave takeout places that I have been ordering from throughout the pandemic that have amazing gf, df, v options:

Indian: @leela @myrotiplace

Thai: @isaan_der

Jamaican: @taste_seduction

Mexican: @maiz @madmexican @cantinatoronto

Nourishing Bowls: @impactkitchen @freshrestaurants @simplekitchento @thebeet @kupfertkim

BEST gluten free pizza: @pizzeriadefina @revolverpizzaco @queenmargarita @pizzerialibretto

Sushi: @koji_japanese

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