Two Sickos – Location: Playa del Carmen

Mario and I were the first to arrive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Excited and looking forward to spending time with the family for the holidays. We had about 2 nights alone for some good quality time which was nice after a few months living with the parents. My parents arrived by the third day and my dad brought a cold with him. Now I am not a germ-a-phobe, but I am also not a fan of spreading germs and avoiding if possible… something that my dad is not as aware of. While sick my dad still likes to give kisses on the cheek, double dips, and drinks from your cup (I love you dad…). I quickly picked up the cold and by the third day in Mexico -I am sick. I do not take Advil Cold, Cold FX and all those other drugs, so right away I begin my natural health routine to kick it!

Steps on how to kick a cold naturally:

I follow these steps every time I am coming down with a cold and it works like a charm:

  1. Load up on oil of oregano – I take 1 gel capsule a day (when I think I am getting sick and while sick) Make sure you take with food.
  2. Take 2 tablets of 1000 mg of vitamin C every 4 hours (max 6 /day)
  3. Do a light jog to work up a light sweat – detoxifies and cleanses
  4. Ginger/Lemon Teas, ALL DAY
  5. Water , water and more water
  6. Sleep!

Side Note: I did throughout the years of running my business and it was very rare that I caught a full on cold and sick in bed.

So while I’m working on kicking my cold, Mario on the other hand was struggling with his own problems. When we first arrived in Mexico, he had a random cough and coughing throughout the day. We both had no idea where it came from. Then the second day for breakfast, he had a yogurt in the morning which set his stomach off for the rest of the day and night. He didn’t eat a thing. The next day he got heat stroke from falling asleep on the beach and being in the sun too long with no hat. So by the 3rd night Mario had :

  • A random cough
  • Stomach Pain
  • Heat stroke

As the 3rd night approached he began to get the shivers and slight fever. I didn’t realize how bad it was until he was wearing a light fall jacket in Mexico… Loading up on teas, water and aloe gel, he partially recovered by 5th night. He was famished for a good meal and so was I! We decided to go out for a nice steak dinner at an Argentine Restaurant on the 5th avenue, called EL DIEZ (highly recommend it BTW). Mario ate a lot of meat that night, more than usual. So that night as I am trying to sleep, I am woken up to the sound of Mario groaning and rolling side to side. It was a combination of grunting and groaning. I didn’t know what was happening. Waking up concerned I asked him what is wrong? Turns out, he ate too much meat and was having the meat sweats – this is real thing…lol I immediately brought him loads of water to flush out his system, but this groaning continued throughout the night.

Poor Guy.

Steps Followed for Mario’s waterfall of symptoms:

  • Lots of H20!
  • Ginger Root Tablets from Natural Factors ( Thanks for the recommendation Dr.Mike Morsillo)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar for cleansing
  • No meat, chicken or fish
  • Eat only fruit & veggies until fever symptoms gone
  • No sun exposure

So lets just say the trip starting off a bit rocky, but we laughed throughout it. Mainly we found it funny at the fact we are about to embark on a year long travel around the world and within the first week we are struggling and this is somewhere we have been plenty of times and never had any issues! Lol  I think my mom and dad were thinking how are you gonna survive in India?!

We recovered fully within the week, and back to normal by the 2nd week 😉

Until Next time!


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