AT&T Miguel

The internet has been so shotty since we got to Mexico. We were finding it hard to plan any of our world in 365 and begin our research. Hearing our complaints, my dad strongly encouraged us to head over to AT & T, where he swore that they would be able to solve all of our issues with the BEST plan. The plan he explained included UNLIMITED everything for 2 months. It sounded too good to be true, but he insisted we go check it out. So this is what we did.

I was attended by a guy who seemed on the cusp of the legal working age tand was a bit weary – but did not judge. When explaining to him what I needed (in Spanish of course) he told me he had the plan for me. I also said I wanted the unlimited plan that my dad got. I made sure to question a few times this ‘unlimited’ as once again sounds way too good to be true. Basically you can use unlimited text, calls, facebook, intagram, etc etc.

So I get back to the house with my new package (sim card included) all excited to start using it after a week with nothing working. Within 24 hours, what was supposed to be an unlimited package for 2 months, wore out completely! I was not very impressed.

Next day first thing I went back to AT & T to speak directly to the guy (or kid) who sold it to me and ask ‘ what’s up ?’ He wasn’t there but his boss was – his name was Miguel. We will call him “ AT &T Miguel “ to not confuse him with my dad. I explained the whole situation to AT & T Miguel, he called the guy who sold it to me and anyway -long story short I was misinformed.

Thankfully at & t Miguel was willing to fix the problem. He ordered a new Sim card but it was going to day 24 hours to arrive. So now back at At& t for the 3rd day trying to resolve this internet fiasco, and finally got it all to work for me. Assuring that it was the correct plan, I was a bit weary still. Get back to the house to start using it and as soon as I start using the data begins depleting QUICKLY …. Again! What is happening?! Mario takes a look and it continues to deplete without even doing anything! One of us yells: QUICK! PUT IT ON AIRPLANE MODE!! That finally stops the data from depleting… but the Mexican internet mystery continues…


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