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Types of Probiotic Strains

To fully grasp the role of probiotics in the beautiful and mysterious vessel that is our body, we have to start with a simple understanding of the gut. Our bodies contain anywhere from 39 – 300 trillion bacteria; most of which are harmless and most of which reside in the gut and make up what we call the microbiome. When the amount of “bad” bacteria in the gut starts to surpass the amount of “good” bacteria in the gut, that’s when individuals experience all sorts of symptoms ranging from inflammation to painful gas and bloating. Probiotics, or “good” live bacteria, help to correct this imbalance and restore harmony within your microbiome. 

How to Build the Ultimate Smoothie Bowl

I know for most of my clients, making health a convenient, easy addition to their routine is usually the most important factor in determining how likely they are to reach their health goals. This is something we greatly focus on in my group 7 Day Holistic Cleanse and exactly why I love adding smoothies as an alternative to incorporate into my client’s routines. Smoothies are a great way to add several nutrient-dense whole foods into your diet that you may not be eating otherwise.

Six Foods to Reduce Stress

One of the most powerful down regulators of our metabolism, immunity, and overall health is cortisol – the hormone released in our bodies as a response to stress. Take a look at the six main food groups that will tremendously help in combating stress!

Health Washing & Food Labels

Health washing is when companies use deceptive marketing to portray the “health benefits” of their product, when in reality their product is full of sugar, sodium, and/or preservatives. So, in order to avoid the confusion and ensuing overwhelm, it’s understandable that people rely on packaging “buzz phrases” to help them make a healthy choice.