There is something so powerful and moving when you are standing at the top of a mountain. It is a complete out of body experience. The feeling is freeing! It is just you and that mountain. The mental image it creates is like nothing else, that no photo or video can truly capture or replicate it. The snapshots in my memory of the Swiss Alps, Mount Fuji, Machu Picchu and all the other mountains I was on last year is something I will never forget.

With every great mountain hike there are also great challenges and barriers along the way. A hike up a mountain or trail is a lot like our own personal journey through life. We set a goal (for example, summit the mountain) and on the way we are faced with the inevitable obstacles. Snow, ice, fallen trees, narrow and steep paths, but we push through focusing on our end goal. We enjoy the beautiful moments: moments of tranquility, stopping for a picnic, enjoying the views, listening to the birds, chatting to your partner (if you are with somebody).

I find this journey to be comparable to our life journey. We must remember to enjoy the process, which is something that I need to remind myself of every single day. I need to catch myself when I get tunnel vision as I strive forward to accomplish goals and as I reach milestones. I can honestly say that hiking has really taught me this and opened my eyes to finding beauty in the journey. On our hikes I would stop for a rest or water break, and just sit to take in the view and sounds surrounding me. Allowing me to appreciate the small moments along the way.

Along with hiking there comes preparation and planning. With any goal setting, breaking it down in measurable actions is key. Preparation includes mapping out a hiking route, tracking the weather, packing the necessary gear, getting your food and drinks, and much more. I also found this planning to be a fun part of the process! Mario and I would sit at a café with the local map and plan it out over coffee. The night before and the morning of, we would cook a healthy and nutrient dense meal to ensure a successful hike!

We underestimate nature and its natural forces upon us. Mountains are so powerful. They have a fierce energy. They remind you just how small you really are in this world. You must respect it, follow its lead and the paths that are available for you to explore. Step by step, inch by inch you get closer to the top. When you finally arrive at the top, it feels like you are free and ALIVE. With the beauty of the landscape in the distance and the cool wind blowing upon your face, these are the moments that are unforgettable. This is where the panoramic snapshot becomes an imprint in your memory forever. That everlasting moment is unforgettable and worth every step. It is simply priceless.

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