Eating in Switzerland

While in Switzerland we were on a pretty strict budget, so we did not eat out much. We did groceries and cooked most of our meals during our time there. However, when we did eat out, it was worry and stress free. One because we were not doing it too often, two because they have lots of options for those with dietary restrictions😊 Since Switzerland was one of the first countries we had a home base for over 6 days, I learned a lot about gluten free products in Europe, their allergen guides, grocery chains and their health sections and weekly markets that have a lot to offer to those on a budget!

Home Cooked Meals 

Here are some of the dishes we had or cooked while in Switzerland, using local ingredients:

  • Weisswurst sausage – mix of pork and veal and does not contain gluten. May contain milk so if you have a dairy allergy make sure to ask!
  • SWISS Dark Chocolate with MASSIVE pieces of nuts for added fibre and good fats! Good thing is most real dark chocolate is gluten and dairy free, containing these 4 ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Soy Lecithin and sometimes flavoring.
Drooling in the window at the endless amount of chocolate!
  • Meringue  – gluten and dairy free, but also has egg whites (so if you have an egg allergy stay away or if you have a sensitivity (like me) then make sure you have in moderation)
  • Nougat – Gluten and Dairy Free….BUT has egg whites
Nougat selection -YAY!

Charcuterie Board – pick up a bunch of cured meats, olives, fruit, cheese and bread from the local markets (they don’t typically have gluten free bread). They are locally made and so fresh! You can even get a great selection at the local grocery stores.


Our spread: Strawberries, Dried Figs, Sheep cheese (I can have small amounts), Parmesan (I can have in small amounts), Salami, Prosciutto, Bread, Gluten Free baguette (Aldi), Gluten Free Crackers (Aldi), Nuts and Seeds, Vino

  • Lentil Pasta with LOTS of Swiss Chard & Red Sauce- We bought the pasta from a health food store near our place called Eva’s Apples, Swiss chard was from the local market and it was HUGE!
Swiss Chard- so delicious!

Swiss Ciders –must try Crafty Cider (Cidre Artisenal Suisse) and Mohl Cider


Grocery Stores and GF Brands

All the grocery stores we visited during our time in Switzerland (and most of Europe) had gluten free/health food sections. Make sure to visit Spar, Aldi  and Coop. My favorite CLEAN gluten free brands (and not loaded with sugars or chemicals) are:

The Restaurants & Cafes

These are the restaurants we visited with a good selection of gluten free and dairy free options:

  1. Les Salles Gosses – Geneva
  2. Chez Mario – Lusanne
  3. Stern Luzern – Luzern
  4. Einstien Café – Bern
  5. Altes Tramdepot – Bern
  6. Air Time Café – Lauterbrunnen

Hope you were able to find some useful information! If you have any questions, please message me below 🙂 Also, keep in mind a lot of these grocery stores, products and brands  are available all throughout Europe.

Until Next Time,

MellyFit xo


  • Hiking through the Swiss Alps
  • Mountains

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