Time has really flown by the past 5 months. We left Toronto in December to spend Christmas and New Years with the family in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was nice to spend some quality time with everyone before embarking on our travel journey. There were some tough ‘ see you laters’ but knowing that we will all meet up along the way in Europe was soothing 😊 (Side note: the down side was spraining my ankle the first week and I couldn’t run or walk without pain for the entire month!)

From there we went to Vegas to visit friends, which was also fantastic. We were able to spend some quality time with Alex and Mia and knowing we weren’t going to see any friends for a while, we really valued this time together before heading out.

When we started to plan this journey a few years back, we didn’t know how we would feel when the time came to leave Toronto and our friends and family. I mean, personally I have dreamt about this since I was a teenager. Travelling the world, taking time to explore and get lost in a place unknown was a craving I always had.

Running a business for over 6 years was rewarding in many ways. I learned so much about myself, business, other people, different cultures, success and growth, and much more. With any business, there are many highs and many lows, there is the good and there is the bad. I sold it because it was time to move on… move on from the franchise world, the beauty industry and a partnership. I learned all that I could in those 7 years and I was needing a change and a chance to do something on my own. To follow my own path and passion. During the process of selling it, I often felt very trapped and that there may not be a way out in a time frame that I thought was realistic. I worked very hard during this process and stayed very committed to the business and the staff/students- even though I knew I would no longer be there someday soon. Thankfully, after almost 2 very long and exhausting years we sold it. The day this happened it physically felt that a truckload had been lifted off my shoulders. On this day, I learned that hard work and tons of sacrifice pays off – even when you feel there is no way out, you must keep your head up and keep going. At times the 80- 90 hour (and plus) work weeks felt unbearable and during all this time I was trying to maintain a happy and fululling *new * marriage, my health, stay connected with friends and family. Not to mention keep the 400 graduates we had per year and 20 employees happy. It seemed quite impossible. Keeping healthy with running and eating properly and with the support of everyone around me, including staff, family, friends and my husband- I persevered and got through this tough time. I will forever be grateful for all those who played such an important part during this time for me.

We always had in our minds that we will be travelling the world one day. We hoped it would happen one day SOON, but we really had no idea IF OR WHEN it would actually happen. Regardless we had hope and planned on our spare time (which wasn’t much time to be honest), and it really kept us going and motivated. Financially saving and budgeting for what we hoped was to come… we really wanted this. A year to reset, a year for ourselves, a year for each other. We wanted to be re-inspired and build a new path.

To rewind a bit, we got married in my 2nd year of the business which was a very busy time for me. In the lifespan of the business, it was the peak period. Health had been compromised as the stress and anxiety levels had taken a toll on me, often times not even realizing it. My digestive system was the main signal of how stressed I was. I always had a weak system due to genetics, but the stress irritated it to another degree! At times I think my body just stopped working – couldn’t digest anything, didn’t get my period for months, no bowel movements! The weird part is I was still always naturally fighting it … I was at work every single day for very long hours driving the business forward, at the gym 4-5 days a week and maintaining most all my relationships. At times I look back and say how did I do that and what was I thinking?!

Things settled a bit by the 4th year but the intensity of the daily grind was still there and it wasn’t until my husband brought up a valid question to me: ‘Babe, if after this many years, the time you are putting in you are still not gaining back – then why continue? Focus all that energy into your own passion and start a new path.’ I knew when I started the business, I may sell at some point but it consumed me and could’ve been stuck for many years to come . I also knew how much I needed to put into it. However, I really had no idea what was coming when I decided to sell it. Selling a business is actually MUCH harder than starting a business! And I learned that very quickly.

But enough about that chapter in my life as it is officially closed…I could continue to tell you my story for months and I don’t want to bore you. I have made peace with it and here I am – mid point in our travel journey and I couldn’t be happier. I have my husband, best friend, and partner in crime by my side through it all. Seeing never ending beauty , wild life, cultures and so much more. If you ever wanted to do something bold in life then I am saying JUST DO IT, you will have no regrets!

Until next time,

Melly xo

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  1. Vita Cosentino

    Hi Melly Just read your Reflection post. Very nice. This can be a wonderful book with the amazing pictures you have taken so far. I checked out the recipes and will try the curry one. Keeping fit is so important and your inspiration will go far for others. Thanks, I enjoyed reading your latest blog. Vita

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