7-Day Holistic Cleanse Program Group

$315.00 + Tax

Holistic Cleanse VIRTUAL Program

The program includes:

  • Meetings (ZOOM):    1 x Intro 60 min,  2 x Check-in meetings – 30 min ,  1 x End of Program 60 min
  • WhatsApp chat  – set up at the first meeting
  • 7-day detox Meal Plan   *recommended with recipes and grocery lists*
  • Supplement Plan *optional*
  • Schedule
  • Ongoing Support
  • Program Booklet – 20 Pages
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We all have a buildup of toxins, both from external and internal sources. External sources include diet, stress, drugs, alcohol, and the environment and internal factors without our bodies such as fats, free radicals, and other irritating molecules. Sometimes our body needs a break! This program will help with the elimination of impurities, allow you to reset and regain balance.

Initial Overview (20 min)
Follow up (30 min)
7-Day Cleanse Meal Plan
Supplement Plan


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