7-Day Holistic Cleanse 

MellyFit Nutrition - Nutrition package two hands holding grape-fruit half with pink inside visible over a box of mixed vegetables


Are you Feeling any of the Following Symptoms?

  • Digestive Concerns
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Inflammation in the Body
  • Joint Pain or Arthritis
  • Skin Concerns such as Eczema
  • Low Immune Function, Frequently getting sick

Unfortunately, this is quite common! We all have a buildup of toxins, both from external and internal sources. External sources include diet, stress, drugs, alcohol, and the environment and internal factors without our bodies such as fats, free radicals, and other irritating molecules.



Sometimes, our bodies need a break! This Program will help with the elimination of impurities, and allow you to reset and regain balance.
  • 7-Day Detox Meal plan *recommended with recipes and grocery lists*
  • Supplement Plan
  • Schedule
  • Program Booklet – 20 Pages
  • Ongoing Support
  • 1 Intro Meeting
  • 2 Check in Meetings
  • 1 Ending Meeting
  • WhatsApp groupchat for group program
  • Direct Line for Personal program